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Howdy Family!!!

Ann Marie
7 years ago
2 posts

My name is Ann Marie and babylon has bit me.... seriously. I am in a bad situation and need a hand up. I am trying to get back to community, and need a place to stay for awhile. I came out of community to help my "blood family" and they used me, took everything I had, and even cost me my job by locking me out of the house at 10 pm at night. ( I worked the 3pm-10pm shift) There are no shelters or help organizations in this town, and I am also on foot. Just needing a haven for awhile, not afraid to work. I am 38 years young, no fins, fur, or feathers...

The town I am in is about an hour from williamsport, pa on rte 6. it's called Wellsboro.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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umm she forgot to saty shes in northh central pa at the moment so pa nj ny area would help shes close to ny border north central pa

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Ann Marie
7 years ago
2 posts
yes, I did forget, I'm sorry about that.
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