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7 years ago
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I'm so happy to have found this community..

I've been wanting dreads for so long. Now I'm self employed and have found myself, finally, in a place to start this journey. I am on day 4 of natural/neglect, and I think I'm coming a long quite beautifully

This is Day 2:

This is Day 4:

I've tried taking photos of the back of my head, but... that hasn't turned out very well!

So far I'm only using an organic aloe/tea tree/lavender/rosemary/etc shampoo that is really great for my scalp/dandruff. And so far it doesn't seem to be inhibiting the process. Have been reading up on the sea salt spray, so I'll probably add that in too.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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damn thats awesome progress for 4 days! u post a timeline and i will feature it

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L-ray Sepulvado
7 years ago
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4 daaaays, cant believe it lol there looking good!
7 years ago
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Thanks guys!!!

I'll definitely post a timeline!

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