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A fresh start!! 2nd lock journey!!

2 years ago
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Hey y'all! Im Kat. This is my second journey. After a year and some odd months, alot of tears, highs and lows and some deep conditioning, I decided to brush out my dreadies and start anew. :) my new babies are a few months old now and im loving my new journey. This new journey isn't just about my hair either. These past 2 years have been, to say the least, a challenge. Between the pandemic, learning how to do online schooling with my kiddo, struggling with friends and family, and even myself, fighting covid, i've started my denture journey. I brushed out my dreadies, got all my teeth pulled and now am getting my new smile soon! It's a whole new me!! A metamorphosis if you will. I cant wait to share this journey with yall! Buckle up y'all!!! Its a wild ride! :) 

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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