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Pink Ninja
2 weeks ago
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Hi everyone, my name is Liz and I am super excited to get started on my dread journey. I do not have them as of yet. My hair is long enough to get started. I was going to start around the holidays that way it was even longer. I have been doing my research and thought I knew how I wanted to do them (back combing). I have been reading through this forum for a few months and everything I thought I wanted to do has changed. I do have questions I want to ask before I start as well as I want to put out there what I know. Once I find the page I will post it. 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 weeks ago
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hi liz and happy to hear that your on the right track now :)

might as well start today

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Freedoms wings international
2 weeks ago
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Hi guys its good to be here I've been looking forward to get a dread forum where i can share my dread journey progress and likewise share and get ideas with others.
I just started my dreadjourney

I'll be dropping series of videos in my channel. subscribe ,like and share guys, i'll do same.


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