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6 months ago
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Hello everyone. Been lurking for a few months and finally joined. I'm almost 4 months into my journey. T&R on fine and thin hair. Weird, the back of my head has tons of hair but the sides are sparse. My start length was at the top of my shoulders. My hair has shrunk to a couple inches from my scalp! With the exception of the hair by my neck, every dread (approx. 30) has shrunk up to a paddle. I have loops, bumps, zig zags and paddles. Is this normal to shrink so tight and wheel into paddles?
I wash every other day with Aveda shampoo. It's the only shampoo that makes my baby dreads super tight right out of the shower. Anyway, glad to be here and hope to learn a lot.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 months ago
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bet they are cute but fine hair can dread so easily it just wants to knot right up and tighten fast

not the best shampoo though

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