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Finally a Dreadhead or on the Way to it!

Gjorgi Stojanov
10 years ago
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Hey Guys,

i am new to and i like to introduce myself.
What do i say? My name is Gjorgi Stojanov. 5 Years ago i started to grow my Hair long
with the Goal to get Dreadlocks. When i had my Hair as long as it reached my Heart i desided to ask some people offering Dreadlockservice. I first cut my hair because i wasnt ready to pay 250. Now 2 Months ago i did it using backcombing as she offered me because in her case she repairs those using neglect method.
I wanted neglect but i havent found a good source for Information until now.
The Backcombing she did with me is a more "natural" way she said because they are not fixed. Untll now i am pretty satisfied and hope the get really nice. This is why i came here to find out if it is still possible to let them be and get nice neglect Dreadlocks.

i live in Germany and i like everything organic.
Meditation is my Tool for Trade ;).

best regards

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10 years ago
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Hi Gjorgi, I'm Brandi and welcome to the best site for dreads! Soaring Eagle has set up a great place here for all of us dreadies to chat and ask questions. I looked at your pics and let me guess, they used a crochet hook? The worst and most damaging to the hair. If they had just bakcombed the sections and used no wax you'd be ok but with the hook it breaks the hair on the inside...and well outside too but makes the dreads very tight. They need to be loose in order to move freely and tangle and lock up naturally. Soaring Eagle will tell you I'm sure but using a hook also basically puts you behind in the process a minimum of 6 months. The size of your section shouldn't be too large neither, around 1 inch as the dread will get larger over time. If you are happy with them as they are now make sure to never use any wax and toss the crochet hook. Good luck to you and Happy Dreading!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,636 posts

i agree they look crochetted and if so they alsdo looik really thick since crochet usualy makes them 1/3rd the thickness of healthy dreads so they will fatten up alot

ifyou have 20 or less theyt will be huge ..too big

salons are thye worse mistake u can make but if u leave em be they will recovcer and be as natural as can be given how they were started

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