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8 years ago
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Love the amazing varieties here <3

The ones I know of- Mostly Norwegian, Some Irish, Scottish, French & Czech...& probably a bunch of other little tidbits that I don't know of. I'd love to research mygenealogybut the kit to do so was way expensive for us at this time. I do have a lovely book from a family reunion on my paternal grandmothers side (Olson-Olsen) that has all the family from when the book was printed (I was like 8 or something at the time) back to Norway & some of the history there. Very neat to check out, I particularly loved the immigration part & coming to Minnesota from Norway & getting their first plot of land & building their house. Amazing stories.

8 years ago
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1/4 cherokee 1/4 choctaw and the rest mutt I guess :) This is pretty interesting :) Great discussion!

Joey mipanyarack
8 years ago
81 posts
My dad escaped communism from Laos. My mom mostly Irish. He barely spoke English and she was bigger then him with crazy red hair. Weird mix I am lol
8 years ago
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Called my grandmother, because this made me curious.. so now I know that I'm 1/4 cherokee,1/4 choctaw,and originally our family came over from Wales, UK.... Now I'm gonna do more research... :)

8 years ago
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My mom is Japanese, and my pops is Mexican... MexiJap here out of San Jose CA

Castaway J
8 years ago
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haha how cool is this thread i love it! im mostly italian i think, with spanish in second, then everything else i think will get you a ME :)
8 years ago
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Scottish and Navajo that I know of for sure. I have an uncle that did my moms side of the family geneology, I just haven't asked him. There's some sort of Nordic/Celtic on my dads side. An aunt on that side did the geneology, but she's bat shit crazy now. Plus I'm holding a grudge against her for something so I haven't talked to her in years and years.
Star Gryphon
8 years ago
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My paternal grandmother told me that all she could get out of her mother about their ancestry is they were Heinz 57. Her maiden name is of English origin and I know there are ancestors that came to America on the Mayflower. So, American mutt coming from her.

My paternal grandfather is full blooded Swedish. He was a first generation American born.

My maternal grandmother is also an American mutt. But one who has genealogy for a hobby!
Lets see...German, English, Swiss, Irish, Welsh, Scottish...there is more I think. Also ancestors who came to America way early. One lived in Salem during the time of the witch trials. Story goes that he faked his death...head stone and all, changed his name and moved.

My maternal grandpa is half french, a quarter Norwegian, and a quarter Tlingit (an Alaskan Tribe in lower SE Alaska).

Definitely American mutt is pretty commom

Just like mutt dogs and cats

6 years ago
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100% all Pinay! and proud of it!

6 years ago
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I am;
VERY Polish,
Hungarian,and very little Italian and Native American (though I am unsure of the tribe.)
I am also a crystal child. :)

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