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Heathen Hippie )O(
6 years ago
164 posts

Lol @ SillyWalkingMinister

I'm American. Doesn't that say it all? :P

Seriously, though... My family [on maternal and paternal sides, can't tell you which is which with grandparents] is:

Cajun ;)
Creole ;)
Canadian. I count the Creole/Cajun because even though they are within America, they are made up of different cultures/ethnicities.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

Ukranian, Russian, Polish, Isreali

6 years ago
19 posts

50% Moroccan
50% English

new dreddie
6 years ago
75 posts

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

We are all people with different cultures flowing and this is what makes us unique and beautiful!

African,English, Irish, Cherokee and Chickasaw Native-Americanand God knows what else! :) I like having different ethnicities flowing through my veins! My husband has German, Irish and Britishlineages.Way Cool!

6 years ago
14 posts

Norwegian, Russian, Polish :)

bridget otoole
6 years ago
5 posts

Just Irish. I think I'm like 1/16th German but I don't count it. I'm also like 1/32 black or something but idk. lol!

bridget otoole
6 years ago
5 posts

But I really only identify as Irish. Other than being an uber-patriotic American.

6 years ago
321 posts

I'm a mutt! LOL! German Dutch, Scottish, a touch of Irish and something else that I can't remember! And that's just on my mothers' side! No idea on my fathers' side! Everyone who I could ask has already made that journey home!

6 years ago
1 posts
Native American and German.
Rainbow Fortune
6 years ago
123 posts

Hungarian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and a little bit Gypsy. :D

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