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Why Don't I Have Many Dreadlocks?

7 years ago
29 posts

I see people with thick dreadlocks, sometimes bigger than mine, & they have about maybe, 40 dreads it seems like.I have 20 dreadlocks exact, & mine are not that big at all. I want to try & have at least 35, if possible. Is there any way I can acheive this or am I stuck with 20 locks? :/

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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look like they will thicken up alot u can let ew dreads form between dreads

u can split em but its a matter of ripping em in 1/2 literaly breaking ivery hair inside i wouldnbt unless u really gotta better to let baby dreads form between em

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Gabe McCoy
7 years ago
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Yea they'll definitely thicken up alot. You might just have pretty thin hair though. I noticed the dreads on the right side of my head above my ears are way thinner and I have less of them then on the left side. Once they mature they'll look hella nice though

Remilaku Nash
6 years ago
3 posts
I only have 13. The number does not matter. If you love them, then its all good.
mikayla roman☯
4 years ago
13 posts

it also depends on how thick your hair is. my hair was very thick i thought when it was undreaded but i just realized my hair had a lot of volume to it. i have about 45-50 dreadlocks all different sizes and it looks like i have about 20 while my friend has dreadlocks that are about 3-4 inches thick and he has about 20 of them. texture and thickness plays a huge part in this. i wouldn't be too worried about the quantity though as someone did already say, its only a number just be happy with your dreadlocks :3

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