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Grrrr... stinky stinky

5 years ago
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Back story:
My dreads are a little over two years old. I started them with T&R followed by neglect. I wash twice a week with BS and an ACV rinse, usually I add a few drops of Lavender EO and sometimes Rosemary EO to the rinse. Followed by rubbing a light amount of coconut oil onto my ends to control the frizzies and make my natural curls come out on the ends. I've only got 2 dreads that are over 1' wide, the rest are pretty much all 3/4" and less.

The last two weeks its been rainy and crappy on my hair washing days. It was okay for the first week, now when my hair gets wet it smells musty. I'm totally not interested in combing my dreads out because I love them. I've upped my ACV ratio and added tea tree into my rinse. Also I've been spraying my hair with happy hands (LINK: ). I didn't wash yesterday because it was another rainy day but I had to wash this morning instead. It was fine as I was in AC today but I got caught in a hellish rain storm walking to my car which soaked my dreads and they smell. I don't think they smell to other people but I can smell it and its totally NOT okay. What more can I do? I've got to get this under control.

Please help me save my lovely dreadies

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5 years ago
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rot knot from

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My dreads are over 10 feet long

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