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Dying Dreadlocks

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Many of you have asked about dying / coloring your dreadlocks. Some of us reply (like me) how doing it is bad for your locks, (you never want any residues stuck inside them & dying can dry them out). Well, I was thinking today while having my 20 minute siesta in the tub.

My dreads are for life, but I am much older than most of you on here. Many members in this community are teens & early 20's. At this moment in their life, some want to have beautiful dreads as a hair style, they love the look, (who can blame them), and they love the freedom that dreads signify & some as a form of saying f*ck the government, whatever the reason, they want to express their being in an art form. To the members who only want dreads for now, not still 10 years from now, I say have fun with them...add spice & color to them, but just be careful, rinse, rinse & rinse. Dreadlocks are a wonderful way to express yourself already, and for the younger generation: adding beads & hemp wraps & hair dye is a fun addition. If any of you are not planning to keep your dreads forever, do what you want...have a blast...get creative...and enjoyyour dreads.

Peace out everyone

updated by @the-barrellady: 01/13/15 09:47:43PM
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