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Workouts and Locs growing babies!

6 years ago
6 posts

Hi everyone how do u take care of your locs when working out everyday? I'm free forming and I was wonder would washing may haireveryday affect the forming process. I don't wanna wash it everyday but it stinks if not.

Second some of my Locs are having babies. A couple have split on there own in to 2! I'm cool with I think it's spiritual..Does this happen to anyone else?

updated by @mzrnmina: 01/13/15 09:23:18PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,421 posts

define "split" or post a pic i think thry actualy combined not split

u can wasgh as long as thery dry

u dont need to work out every day thats way overkill 3 times a week with a day between is a better option u gotta give muscles a chance to recobver

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6 years ago
6 posts

Hi soaring eagle thanks! When I said split I meant like imagine a tree limb with branches..I have a few that are growing limbs! Anyway I tried the baking soda and water for myhair as suggested.. I was impressed it tingled like it felt clean my scalp too. Although I would like to add a little rose water aftewards to give it a little scent...its all natural...what do you think?

Ok Really no working out everday? I'm trying to lose the winter thickness!!! hahahahah summer is days it is!


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