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new feature in the works (input will be concidered)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,334 posts

im not sure when it will happen as you know the new chat took longer then expected (but was woirth the wait increasing chat activity like 5000%)

most recently the top news are i[of the activity feed went through a big improvement with a dozen more improvements to that in the works

but now on to member catagories

there will probably be 2 generations of improvents

1 just assigning members to catagories and we can decide how to go about using these i think aqssigning certain very active very knowledgable members to a dread fguru status catagory like panterra heather baba fats etc etc might be 1 way we can use this the catagories are very much in development and its unclear how it will all turn out in the end

perhaps catagories can limmit the priveledges of brand new joins to prevent comment spam as an exampole

the second generation of the members catagories may interface with the donation system paywall

you know that thing that requests a subscription every 3 months that most people set to 0?

well its possible that sponsors and doners may be granted some extra priveledges

what that would mean is possibly more song uploads as an example

or limmiting non doners photo uploads to a certain number

limmiting members isnt an aqttractive option to me i like an infinately expanding dread universe1 so would rather encourage more content added then limmit the content that can be added

one suggestion id love to make when this project moves on a bit o=is doners can upload larger videos!

the video uploads are limmited to size and time youtube allows larger so you can still use the youtube embed, however it would be awesome if donwrs can upload videos over 20 minutes without size restrictions

i would love your input on how we can take advantage of the new member catagories once they are implimented

keep in mind this project might take weeks or over a mointh to complete especialy if too many tweaks get requested during development

i would also like to remind folks months ago we had the ability added to create groups in multiple languages and it would be a massive help to create a language specific dreads group for eafh language to help increase the help we can provide to non ebglish speakers as well as tap a wider range of search terms in non english searches

there are many more improvements coming in the future

constant improb=vem[nts in the structure of the site its fear=tue=res and beghind the scenes

note to admins

the admin interface was just streamlined alot it only applues to full admins which there are only 2 at this time and for safes-ty sake may be demoted 1 level (just so they cant appoint other admins themselves)

also with the new chat id like to appoint at least 1 or 2 active chat moderators

any takers?

ok i guess i combined a lil extra site business in this post also check out the new yiutube channel and please volunreer to helop run the youtube and or submit vids

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:18:32PM
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