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new site feature in top news-latest activity

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,179 posts

the latest activity top news feeds going to have multiple improvements soon 1 that went live today is instant previews of twitter/facebook content

it seems to only be on the most recent events since the feature was added but if you mouse over an item a lil flyout window pops up with an instant previr=ew, this varies based on coi=ontent sometimes a preview of a rtweet or a fb post or url share

soon to come wikl be more integrartion with your=tube channekls and other sourses so when a vids posted to the sites youtube it will be added to the top news

i am attempting to try to get this taken a step furthrr my idea, which may or may not be implimented is to integrate multiple twitter facebook and youtubes so any ti]op members who actively post alot of relevant content to these sources can have their posts prominantly featured as well

the thing is though the content must be mostly relevant not too many i had spheghetti for dinner type status updates hagha

the fb integrarion will by mostly for groups and pages not profiles so that shouldnt be a big problem

twitter though wed have to weed out the ones who mostly post dread tips to feature

and yiutube channels would need to be mostly dreasd related

theres about 10 other features being considered

you can read m all here

then you can reply to this post with your thoughts on each proposed improvements and i'll relay your ideas to the developing community

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/19/15 11:19:07PM
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