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dreadlocks chat new version coming next week

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,334 posts

the new dreadlocks site beta chat is going to be fully released next week all bugs fixed all performance issues gone no lag no slow loads added a ignore feature more ppl (500 chatting at once instead of the 300 cap from old version)

new chat works on ipad iphone most cell phones and devices

its html5 based not flash so more customizable more advanced amnd improvable

basicly the old cht was scrapped and a whole new 1 created from scratch

u may have noticed i changed the styling of the chat especialy the popout chat

and next week after the full release and when im back he on my regular pc i may do some moree to really make it cool

so it may imjprove at least in looks even after th full release date

it took lil extra long to complete cause of all the feedback really helped perfect it

plus mqany features were added that werent planned in thoriginal design but were added cause ppl wanted them


aq neat feature will be after its done we can upload custom sounds so no more chirp it can be anythng we want!

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:16:46PM
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