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crazy thought

8 years ago
55 posts
I'm loving this idea so much!
updated by @mandy2: 07/22/15 12:40:54PM
8 years ago
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I have always believed that myth started with a beautiful dreaded woman myself
8 years ago
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if you look into theology and mythology in a historical sense, medusa was actually originally a warrior goddess full of beauty and eroticism from the north african and lybian amazonian tribes, so it would make sense that she would be depicted with dreadlocks as the priestesses of the tribes would have dreadlocks to show others that they were indeed a priestess (since it wasn't something back then that you could "create" overnight). she was transplanted into greek theology much like they did when conquering other areas with differing beliefs to help them ease the transition. the difference with this one though is that a lot of the way she was portrayed as well as what she stood for was very taboo in greek culture. she was also too similar of a goddess to athena (especially considering that one of the variations of medusa's name was extremely similar to the name athena), and many felt that they were competing goddesses in that sense. that's why the myths were eventually changed as well as her image, to appease the religious majority. she was also sometimes depicted originally as a mermaid type figure with wings or fins, and with fish scales, which helps explain why she eventually became covered in snakes and was cursed with a snake-like's very similar to what's happened to the image of hekate from the greek and roman days to modern days. hekate was originally a triple aspect goddess, going from being young and beautiful and virgined, to a fertile mother, to a wise sage. nowadays she is simple seen as the "crone", an image very similar to what we know now today as the cartoon depicted witch. though, i won't go into hekate much more than that cuz some people still get kinda touchy about that subject.i love theology, did i mention that by the way? :)
8 years ago
57 posts
Awesome concepts! I've also thought of medusa as a dready lady!Very cool historical info, Mandy! Makes total sense!
5 years ago
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this is an interesting and so typical of u SE to drum up in ur dready head lol its great hahaha im enjoying the lil visuals and stry. maybe we need to create our own dreadlocked verson of greek and or otherwise history and persons of intrest. dreaklocked compairisons and gods and goddesses. lol haha

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