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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
28,585 posts
instead of making new posts when there are new issues ill just edit thisedit: the shops are now working again after a 24 hour server screw upedit: after about 6 attempts to get the tech suport ppl to understand the issue instead of just sending links to irelevant help files they finaly said they will attemnpt to fix thisit might not happen fastwwhen its aware that the 1st 12 words of every thread should contain the kewy phrases that the threads about..exampletitle: speeding up dreads with sea salt1st paragraph sea salt sprays really speed up dreads and help them lock tighter quickly..a good 1st sentence will help the thread be foundhopefully this will be fixed in the next week or 2also a much bigger issue is this servers configured to auto create a meta description tag wrongi'll try to explain this in very simple termswhen you search google and find our site you get thisdreadlock forums - dreadlock methods and maintenance forums site ...friendly dreadlocks forums site for the discussion of all issues related to dreadlocks methods, maintenance, styles, and dreadlock - Cached - Similarthis partfriendly dreadlocks forums site for the discussion of all issues related to dreadlocks methods, maintenance, styles, and dreadlock taken from the description meta tagits also used to index the sitesearches for dreadlock forums dreadlock methods and so on use the page title and descripotion as a guid for how to list itthe problem is thisthe search results are also based on what forum posts were on the front page at the time (generaly 2 weeks ago)and only the front page is listed becose of a serius design flawand that is every page except the front page generates a much too big descriptiongoogle expects 10-13 wordsanything outside that is penalizedseveral important threads i checked had 300-696 word descriptionsthis means those pages have no hope of ever being listedi contacted ning about this weeks ago and they finaly got back to me todaywith an answer totaly unrelated to the issue like they couldnt understand the question.i replied with tons of details and examples but feeling like it might take a month to get results i decided to email the webmaster directlyat least hed understand the issueso as a temporary "fix" i have a suggestionwhen creatting a thread especialy an informative 1 you want to be foundfollow this guodetitle .. up to 9 words descriptive with keywords1st post just an 11 word (or in the general 10-13 range not too far outside that) a short paragraphg with the key phrases..and thats itthen reply to yourself with the full post u would have made in post 1 normalyits messy not a great way to do things..but temporarily will solve the issue till the issues solved

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international

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