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sick of my dreads

7 years ago
12 posts

hey. sometimes i go through the same thing. i miss my beautiful long hair and am sick of all the questions,about washing and what was i thinking or doesnt it smell(like get real ppl)...sometimes when im having a "bad hair day" i'll put a big flower in, or wear a flowy skirt or some killer heels and itmakes me feel better about my own femininity. not to say i dont agree with soaring eagles comment, dont get me wrong i love to fly my own kinda freak flag, but sometimes a girls gotta be a girl :)

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Bianca Poell
6 years ago
5 posts

I totally agree to what Doogie wrote here. the only thing that matters is that you know that you clean them. Other people who do not have dreads also have dirty hear and no one tells them to clean them.

A good friend of mine also has dreads and when she is feeling bad she also puts a big flower in her hair and she is immediately feeling better. Due to this Isend flowers to Nottingham where she lives and she loves it. she is always feeling better with flowers in the hair.

brandis moody
6 years ago
10 posts

I went through the exact same thing a while ago. i even felt like i couldn't wear nice clothes because it looked "wrong'. I promised myself that i would give them a year, and if i still didn't like them, I would comb them out. just give it some time, after a month or so I loved them again, and now i wouldn't trade them for anything:]

Trenna Carriker
6 years ago
5 posts

I totally understand what you are saying. Before I stopped brushing, I had long thick hair that everyone though was beautiful, and the fact that it looks different just seems to upset everyone. People I have never met before seem to appreciate my dreads more than people I already knew. To the new people, it's just who I am. But to my friends and family, i'm this weird, dirty freak that needs to "get serious help" as I've been told. I get constant criticism and some days it hurts like hell...others, its just fuel to push forward and prove them wrong. I come from a conservative bunch of country people who have been living the same way as their parents and grandparents and so on and so forth. No matter what I do it's always weird because I dare to be different. They hate that and always will. So the way I see it, I could do some amazing things and it would never be good enough why bother myself trying to impress them? You can never win unless YOU take charge! Good luck!

oh, and you ARE beautiful! :)

storm frog
6 years ago
2 posts

nooo ul regret it if u think dreads are cool thats whats important u kno ur dreads arnt dirty. people offend me sometimes too and yea it doesnt feel nice but i just smile and dont let them kno how they affected me but once i think about it a lot i kno in my heart there definatly jealous and dreads only get better so i just remember my lifes awsome and unique and to me dreads are part of it and they feel soo rite. and i think dreads on girls are beautiful but i think nature is beautiful and dreads bring me closer to nature. hope some of my thoughts helped the part of ur mind that wants them keep them haha goodluck dreadybuddy

6 years ago
44 posts

I get that one too! It's like so weird... The human mind is.. complicated, to say the least. :D

brandis moody said:

I went through the exact same thing a while ago. i even felt like i couldn't wear nice clothes because it looked "wrong'.

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