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Dread thickness vs. section size

7 years ago
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I am wanting to dread my hair, and doing research before I jump into anything. Could not find specific answers to these questions in the forum:

I have noticed that many people mention that the size of dreads depends on the size of sectioning. Is this true regardless of how thick/thin a person's hair is? It only seems rational to think that a person with much thinner hair would have much thinner dreads than a person with thick hair. Or, does the sectioning dictate how tightly the dreads lock up, giving an illusion that thinner hair is thicker? (such as: both people with thick and thin hair use 1" sectioning, and both will have matured 1" dreads. The only difference is that the thin hair person has less dense dreads? ) Or, would that mean that people with thinner hair would loose more length when dreading their hair than a person with thick hair? ie... that the dread would make up for the lack of thick hair by knotting up more length as a filler for the dread thickness. Is this true? And if so, would that make the new growth look thinner than the ends, since there is not extra length to use for "filler"? What is average length shrinkage for a person when they first start dreading their hair?

I know these are kind of intense questions, but I want to really understand the whole process beforehand so I can make the best decisions for the long term. I have chin length and baby fine hair, so this might be something I should wait on until I have more length (in order to have healthier more natural looking dreads). I know dreads are possible for my hair type, just want to make decisions that will work for what I have.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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dont bother sectioning let it section itself but yea the area at the roots rdertermines dread thickness

i doont believe it matters to length to much

or density either its just the area feeding hair into a dread determines its size


some maintenaNces and methods canmake em way too skinny

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