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It's wonderful to look at the beautiful people here. I feel deprived when short hair is all that I see around me.

Nicole Binns
13 years ago
22 posts
I know many other people have said exactly that same thing. But I have to say it too. I'm glad to come here and see all the photos of beautiful people with long hair. It really frustrates me to be surrounded by short-haired men and women all the time. There is nothing to look at and nothing to touch. But I feel happier just seeing lots of photos of random strangers with long hair and dreadlocks (and beards, too, though this isn't a beard-oriented website).The need to see beautiful people with long hair feels like a physical, instinctive need to me. It's like seeing pictures of beautiful natural scenery. I just don't enjoy looking at short-haired people. I think that long hair is meant to signify that a human is physically healthy, and short hair is supposed to mean that the person is sick and their hair has fallen out. This is my 'evolutionary' explanation of what long hair means and why I instinctively love the sight of it and feel deprived when it's gone.This is actually a huge subject to talk about and I've been thinking for a while now about writing a more serious article explaining in depth my theory of hair and evolution.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
13 years ago
29,640 posts

haha i agree complete;y

short haired ppl scare me the shorter it is the more scary they seem its the wh=ole militant look

just makes em seem angry

also agree about seeing ppl on the street with long hair they just seem happier more interesting (even if homeless and destitute they seem happier then the rich yuppy clean cut business men who walk by refusing to toss them a dime)

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
13 years ago
38 posts
idk, I kind of liked my hair short, although I love it long too. here i am 2 years ago[IMG] [/IMG]
13 years ago
38 posts
oh here I am 6 years ago with my long hair, I should have dreaded it then
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