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How and Why? SHRINKING

Cayla Lynn-Marie Thoenen
7 years ago
10 posts
i dont like the look of blunted tips myself. But yours are very pretty and have lost a lot!
updated by @cayla-lynn-marie-thoenen: 07/23/15 02:59:59AM
Amy Lee
7 years ago
31 posts
Woah that is some major shrinkage -do they feel nice and firm now though? Your hair colour is super gorgeous :)

Red-Dread said:

This is how much mine have shrunk in the past few months..... it's really annoying!!!! But, it will hopefully settle down soon!!!!

To be honest, since this photo... I've lost about another 2". Also, I have un-blunted my ends, which thankfully gave me the 2" back... nice and whispy!!

Isaiah Carter
7 years ago
14 posts
i did the backcombing method and my hair actually shrunk alot less than i thought it would and they still havent shrunk but they are locking up very nicely
7 years ago
1,291 posts
i think shrinkage depends on the hair type not the starter method.
Kai Rayne
7 years ago
72 posts
Don't be too worried about shrinkage... its just the locks getting nice and tight. They will go through periods of growth and shrinkage. Just love them as they are, cause they are a part of you. :)
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