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share the dready love day (an experiment)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,328 posts

so yesterday somewhat but drasticly today there was a big jump in site trafic from facebook

so i thought that 1 way we can really kick the site to the next level would be to have a share the dready love day once a week or once a month (once a week would be amazing)

what this would mean

pick a opage to promote a picture vid or discussion or blog (discussions and timelines are great choices) then use the facebook share the twitter share and as many of the other shares as yoir willing to do (not the facebook like but in the share menu theres a share ion facebook thrres also one under each forum topic and on your page a link to link your facebook and dls profiles

so what this theoreticly can mean, if dsay every member whos on on say saturday (share day) shares 1 page on fb and twitter and any other share sites those links could bring 1000 or more new ppl that day who might otherwise not find us

(it could be way more )

we should be using those shares more often anyways especialy twitter facebook buzz and stumbleupon

the more we use em tho the faster the site will grow and the more we use em on pages that are deeper into the site the better as well

there has been alot of interesting progress however..

there are not 240,000 pages of the site listed in google

almost 1/2 the site

(560,000 or more pages by the time this sitemap crawls done)

the site trafic graph just took a sharp upswing mostky from facebook it seems

but the more share links we get out there everywher4e the better (that share thing has over 300 sites u can share on some will help us reach countries where we hardly get aqny trafic from)

so as an experiment everyone who reass this do more sharing but then this saturday make an exra effort to share alot and lets see what kind of impact it can make

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 08:56:16PM
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