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Thinking Of Cutting

14 years ago
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Love ya hunie. Always know I'm here for you. :) Let me know if I need to drive 500 miles for pie and to give ya a hug. :)Glad your feeling positive! GreyGargoyle said:
Thank everyone here so much. I don't know what came over me but talking to everyone on the site, the praying and positive vibes, the getting advice and talking to my grandma and a couple friends I just got an inner peace and hope that goes beyond words. Seriously, thank you all. For some reason I am completely positive of the future and I see us getting back together soon and there is no stopping me right now. Spirits are high right now. I can't wait until tomorrow I get to take her to a movie. Show her I love her. Like I said to Jake, I'm still in her head so apparently it isn't over yet...and I have to fix myself before I can fix US.
So bring it on. I can't wait.

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14 years ago
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If She doesn't understand You... Then You should let it be... You Don't need to go back to your house or cut your hair... you just need tostand up, go to the world and confront every problem... The world is Huge and full of surprises, Don't go wasting your life for someone who did not know the value of it!
Heather Gamble
14 years ago
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you know i understand where ur coming from because i cut my first set of locks 2 years ago because i needed a new beginning not because of a relationship but because of life in general and now i have wat i was needing and am growing them back so i get it but if youre so torn about it that means dont if u have doubt about cutting them it means dont ! however .....i think if you get together you should possibly cut see in a traditional handfasting ceremony your to be wife cuts a lock of your hair and you a lock of hers they are placed together in a box and usually burried now the ceremony differs here and there but a traditional handfasting was a trial marrige which would be made permenant 1 year after the original (oh during the first your hands are wrapped loosley together with a ribbion and on the next ceremony it is tied thus the term tying the knot) and i think maybe if you both decide to get tog you commit to one year of working through this and finding out wat things together will be like and in one year when you see that this was meant to be (or that it wasnt) you can continue with tying the knot or or loosing the tie that binds.....sorry thats a lot of stuff eh? my point was you still have the tradition of the cutting the hair just not all of it and its a combined effort....i hope i got all the details in the correct order... :)
14 years ago
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Grey sweetie i don't know weather you should cut or not only you know that. I would suggest waiting at least 3 weeks also. You never know what tomorrow will bring. I just wanted to remind you that love is selfless. If this girl needs space you need to give it to her. No matter how much it hurts, because it's not only about you,right? I'm not saying to loose yourself in the process. You need to be strong for yourself as well. Don't move away or do anything drastic but give her some time to think. When scott and i were dating and had to be apart for 6 months it was then i realized what was really important to me. At least i had some clarity,ya know? Good Luck and keep us posted.
14 years ago
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I know I'm young, but, I know what you're going through, the last time I started my dreading process I had just gotten engaged to Mathew, and we were together for nearly six months when his ex girlfriend told me about his son. He dumped me and I stopped dreading. I couldn't take anything else on, I was so frustrated and angry. But In that time I got to thinking about it, and I felt a connection with everyone and everything else--better than I had had before. He constantly messaged me and asked me to come back, but I always refused, I wanted to finish meeting myself. Once I did, I knew that I had to dread again. Recently, I have decided that no matter how this goes, no matter what happens, life is a journey with no boundaries, and it is eternally spontaneous. Again, I know I am young--but my love for him hasn't changed no matter how badly he hurt me the first time, I fear I'll always go back to him, Just, as I will stick with my dreadlocks, because they were there for me through it all---no matter how strange it sounds, I am infatuated with the whole process, and I am, more tolerant. :) So I wish you luck, and want you to know that you have friends here, as I am told many times...just a click away. :)_
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