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want neat uniform on...

arran craig
5 months ago
8 posts

so this is my second dread journey due to life. and i learned a lot from my first! so my hair just dreads quick within 6 mo. they have good form and have a soft fitness lol. at one they really start locking nicely. but my first journey i was to intoxicated by the magic of watch and wandering what would happen and worried about damaging the hair when separating. now i play to separate often and try to maintain thin even locks cuz......we haven't runaway to live with our family at rainbow.....yet! so in the meantime my dreads need to put on there monkey suit so to say and (not as they form and mature ofcouse) be neat and tidy once mature. any advice? was thinking about separating and doing the CURSED BANDS lol just for insurance and a guide so i can keep then uniform as they mature.

some one tell me how to forum this too plz.... i figured this part out.

updated by @arran-craig: 07/03/18 07:28:50PM
Peace Shalom
5 months ago
44 posts
What exactly went "wrong" the first time around? Just never seperated at all?
5 months ago
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there is nothing wrong separation regularly even thin dreads, but what do you mean exactly with "cursed bands" ? You can wrap your roots

or even whole dreads with wool or hemp to keep em separated, but never use rubber bands or something like that. It weekens the hair a lot and will

get sucked into the dread over time!

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