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dying my dreads with a permenant hair colour

11 years ago
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hello again :) i just have a quick question...

i have now been dreading my hair for 2 months as ofthe 10th of this month (intitial t'nr, but haven't mucked about with it except to seperate and wash and its been running wild ever since.) Anyways, i would really like to colour my hair (no bleaching) and i was wondering whether or not it was too soon. the last thing i want is to undo all my hairs hard work (and my patience!!!) :D any thoughts, help or advice would be great. Thanx :)

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Laura Earle
11 years ago
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Honestly...don't risk it. Hair dye is awesome, but it's not very nice to dreads. At all. I lost about two months of progress in an unfortunate incident with a box of (ammonia-free!) dye last year. :(

the Barrellady
11 years ago
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When using hair dye, some now come with built in conditioners, and some you must use a separate tube of it and repeat in a week. The conditioners for hair color is very conditioning, it might just loosen your knotting process thus far. You don't want to keep your hair all natural? The color I mean? If not, there is a group on here for people who dye their dreads :


Lauren Maxwell
10 years ago
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When I got dreadlocks about 4 months ago my hair was already colored and highlight. I have since been going to have touch ups every 6 weeks to cover the grey roots lol. Anyway I have them professionally done at colorific hair salon here in Illinois. I have not had any problems, I am african american and my stylist is caucasian. She has been doing my hair for 3 years and I trust her completely. The good thing is if you going freeform it can be washed (it will loosen some) and just go.

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