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kirks bar soap

7 years ago
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whats in what in kirks bar soap::What are the ingredients in Kirk's bar soap?

Coconut Oil, Soap of Coconut, Vegetable Glycerin and Water. Kirk's bar is made by a centuries-old, time honored process by mixing coconut oil with caustic soda. Caustic soda is made from sea salt. Coconut oil is thus converted to coconut soap, which is technically called sodium cocoate. During the process of making coconut soap, glycerin is also produced since glycerin is a part of natural coconut oil. This glycerin is left in Kirk's soap to give moisturization properties and make it less harsh to skin compared to other commercial soaps in which this natural glycerin is removed by a chemical separation process. Kirk's soap is the most natural process soap made in the USA today.then i read how the same procees used to make this is the same use in the bible days so enen the condition is coconut wouldnt this be the best since its centre old prosess.they use in the old days.i have african hair and use it today i came out sofr be i did wast it like 3 time to get the BS paste onff my scalp an the ac rinse do i need to do that an what wrong with this from the bible day like u said SE maybe that process of soap people use in B-C an after ,A-D was a soap like this huh

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7 years ago
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for adfrican hair its probably ok, but stick the vbar in a glass with watter get the water goodd and soapy pour it out then rince see if you see or feel a soap film on th e glass or taste an aftertaste of soap after a good rinse

if so its leaving residues

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