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much hair comes out from my dreads

last year
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hey guys, i have my dreads for 5 month now, they made by crochet but since then they didnt get any maintenance and they going really crazy now. are they going to stay like this with all those loops or this is eventually going to close on the dread? what should i need to do, leave them like this or doing something with this? thanx for any advice!
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last year
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this is showing remarkable recovery from crochet.

this is the teen stage all dreads go through.. crochet and other methods try to prevent it and can for years  but if you ever stop evgentualy they will grow up to be teens  even after years of stunted development

this is how they dread.. these (98% at a minimum) will all suck in and just be texture.. if you have real wild ones they van leave permanent fun beautiful uniqueness.

this is the fun stage where they develop personality and might  find them doing all sorts of crazy things 

teens go wild .. ya might worry about them. but they settle down and mature

just let them go

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