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Almost 1 month semi-freeforming

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well on laZYdreads site he has a blog about what he went through...wich is nothing compared to what i went through (but then again i do get allots shit thrown my way, from locticians mostly)  all the stuff on fb is probably way buried and lost since this all happened at least a year ago (i don't [pay much attention to time)

the really bad 1 was the 1 that came up 1st in google searching my name i haven't looked at it in awhile so hoping its dropped down, and don't want to link to it that would only give uit more authority (from an seo standpoint)  actually just checked google and although their changes hurt our site ..and results you get (they are always screwing with it and even though google still rules bing and yahoo often give better results ) the page it was on disappeared off the front page and that's all i care about

besides all the stuff i do for this community, i alsoi do other stuff that's very important in many other wider circles as well as very involved with (my main thing  at the moment) so my reputation means a lot to me when this stuff was all over the place, and people (very few) who knew me believed it (but a whole lot who didn't know me, or ever spoke to me before) it was really devastating..nightmarish

i help a lot of people who really did suffer horrible abuses, some on this site know that because they went through alot

to have this scumbag telling people this shit was shocking cause i'm often dealing with the aftermath from people who have been real monsters.. i'm always the 1 trying to help people get out of, or recover from terrifying situations.. so ihave a very deep respect for anyone whos suffered..

but anyway (babbling didn't sleep again) funniest part is hes someone who the only interaction i ever hasd with him was about that debate that nevr happened (that vid might be on yt still) and then banning him for spamming ..and from the other side of the world he claims to know all sorts of shit ..and had (probably 1 of his girlfriends) claim i kidnapped her sister..again in a country i have never been to...

its not just sinister..its weird..  

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
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