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Thanks to the community for friendship....

11 years ago
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Bon matin les amis dreadeux !!

Thank you very much to you each of you for your warm and encouraging comments.... patience is something i never have enough !!... so it is a good exercise !... but marvelling is more my cupoftea, so it is not so difficult !

each day changes my travel, each day is a new little step full of surprises, each day is an opportunity to marvel... it is a pleasure to go to sleep and lean on my lover friend pull over ! makes wonder !

To answer Noodle Doo, i print one of a kind clothes and accessories, by hand only using different kinds of techniques... i will open my shop on ETSY in some days !!

i am a also a traveller musician with my accordion.. but infortunately, somebody broke my door and entered while i wasn't there and stole my accordion... no instrument to play anymore.. and the sun is at my door

Life brings always mournings and miracles, i am a believer and positive person and ....Life will bring a solution I am confident

Thank you for listening to me friends

have a very sweet sunny day today, rain is here in Montreal, will make some curls in my future dreads, yeahhhhhhhhhhh

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,640 posts

u look very cultural (whatever that means)

u know u can open a shop here right?

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
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