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I wrote a book!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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I am putting the finishing touches on my 1st book, getting ready to publish.

I know you have been begging for a book on dreadlocks. In a way, one is on the way. 1st comes “Ban The Taboo” volume 1.

12 twisted short stories. One novel length collection. One novelist described them as modern day fables. I don’t know how to describe them, each is wildly different.

Chapter 1: The Spiders Thunderous Purr
A pacifist sniper, a one shot wonder. Bequeathed the most unfortunate name, thrust into the heat of battle, he only wants to spare them pain.

Chapter 2: Undying Love
Trigger warning: Even a love full of tragedy, can survive anything.

Chapter 3: One Step Out Of Time
For months a thought nagged at me. What would be the final thoughts of a decapitated head? From that question came a time traveler, who travels time through deaths doorway. It’s a tale of have and have not. The main character knew nothing but starvation and famine, the cause of all his deaths (beheaded for fishing on the lands of a wealthy Nobel) and.. well. It’s a love story.

Chapter 4: The Mineral Kingdom Messenger
Literally a message from the earth itself. It’s based off the 1st impression I got from an attached image

Chapter 5: Tikoloshe The Tormentor 
Tikoloshe came to me in a dream. I knew there where.. the chasm of the great rift, and I knew what I saw.. a massive beast rising from the mist to swallow a child. I researched the mythology and Tikoloshe fit what I saw. A shape shifting vampire heart eater. Tikoloshe took the daughter of a Masai family away. Granddaughter of their Laibon, or priest/witch doctor. Father and son hunt the beast down to save the child.

Chapter 6: The Farm
Post climate change, everything west of the Rockies is desert and ash. Except one farm. A farm that grew one crop. Potatoes. They had livestock that farmed the potatoes, and were eaten with potatoes. Dusty, one of the human livestock risks his life to escape to the Rockies.

Chapter 7: Eves Wisdom And Truth
The garden of Eden story, from Eves perspective. And from the perspective of a archeologists in the near future

Chapter 8: The Law Of The Land
A 1/16th Lakota lawyer hired to use the law against the tribe, for a mining client, has a change of heart after seeing the world in a whole new way

Chapter 9: The Dumpster King
A tribe of the abandoned. The prom night dumpster babies, protectors of the unwanted.

Chapter 10: The Harpy
Two mothers struggle to save their children. One fleeing to the rainforest to escape an abuser. The other a harpy Eagle just trying to feed her babies.

Chapter 11: What Fate Giveth Fate Taketh Away
Two men, one just a step away from being a billionaire, the other, homeless. Fate, Karma, Ego, and Chaos conspire to alter their lives courses.

Chapter 12: Unspeakable Wickedness
Shes crazy, she’s evil, she’s brutal, and she’s just a child. A sociopath born in 6 AD, she plays an unexpected part in the creation of Christianity. I wanted this one 1st, but even mentioning the concept I was told “I would never read it it’s unholy.”

Volume 2 teaser:

volume 2 includes a metaphysical mystery. A who-done-it guru-done-it. A Chicago homicide detective, who saw too much violence and death, so moved to India to become a Naga sadhu. (A naked crime solver with 22 foot jatas or dreadlocks, with a Himalayan songbird that lives in his hair) people start disappearing. It’s unclear, even to me, whether they are vanishing to a higher plane, or a shallow grave.

in real life there’s a feared sect called the Aghori.

the aghori have one possession, a kapala. A human skull bowl

the aghori live in the cremation grounds, they eat rotten meat, human flesh, and feces. They do human and animal sacrifices. 
they would be the most obvious suspect.

but it seems they are being framed.

I don’t know, I’m only writing it. When I thought I figured it out, the characters cut me off from the only path to the conclusion I assumed.

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
2 years ago
48 posts
Wow SE you really put a lot of hard work into this book! Well done I am happy for you! It looks like a very interesting read
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
29,639 posts

I have gotten very good reactions, even from people who have been in the biz for decades. So.. real hopeful.

I will have the final polishing edit done before I sleep tonight. Then I will be DONE. At least volume 1. I can leave the mind numbing editing behind, and get back to work on Baba Nam’s Abomination.

I need to find an editor who likes to soar, and marry her haha. I love to write, the editing.. that’s like.. work.. I’d rather play in a linguistic way. 

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
29,639 posts

It’s done.. finaly done

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
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