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8 years ago
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So lately i have been thinking a lot about the direction my life is taking and where it is taking me on a spiritual level. I recently started a new job at a place that makes me so miserable and stressed out that I almost feel like Im losing myself. Im finding it harder and harder not to let myself slump into a depression. I feel trapped, like the money I am making is the only thing keeping my family and I from having no food or a roof over our heads. But all that aside, I have been wondering to myself what else is out there, what could I do as a career that would actually mean something to me and make me feel like Im making a difference in the world? I would love to have a career helping our planet or animals, because that is what I truely love. Does anyone out there have any tips or job ideas or opportunities that could help me find something that will put purpose back into my life? All these corporate jobs and big companies literally make me not feel like myself and my family and dreads (as silly as it sounds) are the only things that make me happy anymore. Please, any kind of advise or experiences you all have would mean so much to me.

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Nathaniel Lopez
8 years ago
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Well, you might be able to get a job working for the city. I used to do environmental surveys for the city and it made me really happy. I got to work in a lab and in the field, which I loved, and it paid nicely. Whatever you want to do is what you should do. Dont be unhappy just for money. I think that if your job is making you that unhappy then its high time you find another one. Best of wishes.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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theres alotta options but might vary whrere u are example naked naturalists got a job working with endangered africAn cats at a cat sanctuary

u can find alotta interesting fiullfuilling jobs but it wont be fast search for it in job listingsa andf f8gure out jobs youd want and go for them

or..become your own boss do it slowly create your acareer market yourself gather cloients get referals and quit the last job when your making enough to go full time

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