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Dry Scalp, bit itchy

10 years ago
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What can I use on my dry scalp - preferably something that isn't greasy and something that won't loosen my dreads? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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what do u wash with now

stop using hot water stop using anything with sls in it teatree and rosemary are excelent

the bars from are perfect

if u need more thenb that aloe (pure) or jojoba directky on the scalp

but chances aree between nomore sls and hot water and the dls bars u wiont need anything beyond that

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10 years ago
12 posts

Thanks SA

Teatree oil makes my scalp more itchy I find.

I was using Dr Bronners up until about two months ago and I'm pretty sure that's how my really bad case of itchy scalp/dermititus started. Because I wasn't diluting it (and the water here is really hard), and I think I was using far too much of it as well.

Doctor gave me Betacap, a steroid lotion, which worked great at eradicating the itchiness but as soon as I stopped using it the itchiness would come straight back.

So then I found Nizoral shampoo (over the counter in the pharmacy) and it's working REALLY well. But it's a medicated shampoo not to be used often and it really dries out the scalp and hair.

So I will put place and order with Vicky for the dreadlock bars ... are the bars better than the shampoos? My dreads are six months old.

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