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Congos and Dandruff

10 years ago
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Im in the begining of my journey, almost two months in. I started my dreads via backcomb method and going natural from there on. I did a lot of research before I started and im still learning lots. I did have some questions though. Is it normal for my whole head to congo at the roots every wash? I wash twice a week with nothing but the liquid dread shampoo from, and rinse with cold water afterwards. I know separating after every wash just comes with the territory but its like my whole head is one big congo at the roots after every single wash and the separating part is painful and pretty time consuming. Is this something that will lessen with time as they mature?

I also have a huge issue with dandruff. Ive been told dandruff typically becomes an issue with baby dreads as the scalp is adjusting and irritated but its something I had way before the dreads. Its a battle ive fought off and on for several years, it used to come and go but now it seems its here to stay. Ive tried all sorts of things. Dandruff specific shampoos(head and shoulders, selsin blue, etc) Shampoos with essential oils(currently using the rosemary and tea tree oil liquid shampoo from, bs/acv rinses, rotating shampoo cycles, washing more and less often...but nothing seems to work or I might get some MILD relief for a week or two before the issue comes back full force. The issue has even traveled to the inside of my ears, my eyebrows, nose, and my goatee. Any other tips/tricks/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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10 years ago
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well the liquid makes mine all try to congo too it just helps make it dread like crazy the bars i almost never have to separate

the sea salts problky agrevating the dry scalp too

i have the exact same issue even the back of my neck ans earlobes get crusty the bars work wonders but it starts to come back soon after the thing is out of all the ppl that think they have dandruff like less then 10% are right theres many other scalp conditions that ppl misdiagnose as dandruff

proriasis dermatitis just plainold dry itchy scalp etc some are auto imune conditions so a steroid based cream might be needed mines been very undeer control using the bars up untill recently so im about to see a dermantologist

last year i had another much rarer much more severe autoimune skin thing called pemphugus foliosus wich was a nightmare and was on predisone and then an anti organ transplant rejection med (basicly these conditions are your imune system attacking and rejecting your own skin)

so u may need medical itervention with these conjditiois its likely yoiu may need to attack it with meds then maintain it with lower dose or alternate meds for life however they can also go into remission like my pemphugus did luckily

so step 1 try the bars or alternate according to condition.need if u want more dreading andthe scalps not so bad liquid if the congoing and scalps insane bars

if the scalp issues still severe see a dermantologist get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan once u got a diagnosis u can research natural remedies

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