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Can I use the ACV rinse alone without baking soda?

6 years ago
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I have recently started using a baking soda rinse followed by a ACV rinse to cleanse my scalp and remove dandruff. However I am concerned that the baking soda will fade my dreads. The hair dye and henna in my hair seems to have lightened. Could I skip the initial baking soda rinse and just apply an ACV rinse? Will the ACV alone rinse clean my scalp adequately? Alternatively could I use only a small amount of baking soda in the first rinse?

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6 years ago
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no and no instead m,use a dread shampoo yes baking soda strips color treated colors

but acv wont clean really (except oils) and will condition if yu use only a lil baking soda it partialy exfoliates leaving a "mud" on your scalp thats dead skin in paste form

if you use it u must use ot properly

but u can use the liquid from instead wich is gentler on upit hair as well as color

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6 years ago
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Thanks for the link, I might purchase a bottle of the shampoo when I can afford to. I like baking soda method because it does not mess up the roots of my dreads and create more loose hair, which can happen when I massage my scalp with shampoo. Would there be a method in which I can place shampoo in a pitcher of water and pour it on my scalp?

6 years ago
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baking soda does fade henna. but i have done an ACV rinse and nothing else and my hair was clean but got oily pretty quick. i woulndt suggest just an ACV rinse. washing less often might help.

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