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my journey.

7 years ago
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Lovely post. Echoes everything I feel about this journey. It is definitely a journey, and sometimes it will be easy and fun, and sometimes I know it will get hard. But like Hippygal said, we find out about ourselves on the way. I don't wear as much make-up now - hardly any. Since using handmade soap for my hair I think twice about all the chemicals I put on my skin. I starting buying and feeding my kids organic food. One step at a time, I hope I'm making a difference to mine and my kids lives, and maybe who they grow up to be in the future.

Blessings xx

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bad seed
7 years ago
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totally agree!!
at the beginning [I'm about 3 1/2 months in now] I was soo impatient but then as I started to watch my hair and see them changing all the time I realised WHHHYY everyone with dreads adores them so much haha it's like having this organic science project on your head and you really do have to learn to let go because they are NOT gonna look the way you imagine but they will go in their own totally unique way that is totally special to you <3

7 years ago
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took the words right out of my mouth!!! In the beginning I just wanted dreads, and now... not only do i love my dreads, I love who I am becoming. good luck on your journey. keep us posted how it goes for you! :) much love. xoxo

7 years ago
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i like this. one weird thing i've found about having dreads is that one seems to become a magnet for other dreadheads through some bizarre interdimensional dread connection.

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