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Hannah :)
12 years ago
21 posts

I just started the natural method a few days ago.

Of course dreads aren't just about a hairstyle, they are about a lifestyle. But I have some problems:

1. I am only a freshman in high school! Everyone is really judgemental, even my friends. (oh, and my parents dont know Im doing this yet! eek!) I try not to care but it can be hard. How did you stop thinking about this?

2. I really want to become enlightened throughout this entire experience. I just started meditating and I am absolutely already starting to feel different; better, more connected to myself and the world. however, I also want to connect to nature. the problem is, I cant figure out a way to do this. I of course cant drive anywhere and there is no place (except one beautiful creek) where I can feel connected. no mountains, no nothing. How do you reccommend I connect more to nature?

thank you for your time, I wish you love and happiness

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Castaway J
12 years ago
585 posts

dude thats going to be such a rad story, to see your dreads grow throughout highschool! go for it! dont get discouraged, youll not only find people who think like you do and are more open minded, just keep at meditating, i know how that feels! any way welcome and enjoy your journey! its yours alone, if people dont want to share in it oh well their loss huh

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
29,636 posts

if you cant be where you want to be make where you are the place you want to be

ifyou cant go to the woods...start a garfden

how to deal with judgmenbtal ppl? pay no attention

pity them..shrug them off..

only pay attention to those who support and encourage

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
12 years ago
10 posts

Good for you! I was a no-body freshman year. I mean that not by the people I knew or how popular I was. I consider myself a no-body at that time because of the way I acted. The things I did for the reasons I thought were important. Seems like your doing things because you see the happiness it brings and joy you feel from it. So good for you! You shouldn't feel discouraged at all! Be proud and you'll know how to connect with the things you want.

Baba Fats
12 years ago
2,702 posts

Like everyone here said, You want to be who you are. Not who everyone else wants you to be. So be yourself. The people who like you for who you are, and wha you look like are the healhy people to have in your life The ones who judge you and make fun of you are toxic to your spiritual well-being. Ignore them. Like Eagle said, pity them. They are not worth your attention.

Eagle made another good point. If you can't go to were you want, make where you are, a place you want to be. I changed the orientation of my room all the time to make it Feng Shui. Do that. Create a small alter that is ONLY used to burn candles,incenses, keep small personaltrinkets, etc... Make it beautiful. I found a nice piece of cloth and draped it over a dresser and put everything on that. Grow a garden, even if you can only grow in pots.

Or, get a bike or skateboard and go as faraway as you want. It may seem like it's away from nature, but if you find an empty lot where no one goes, go there and meditate outside. You may not be on grass, but you will stil be under the sun, and be able to feel the wind around you. I did it at an old abandoned asbestos factory a few times. Make the place yours

12 years ago
300 posts

Welcome! i know how highschool is, and its tough but i think you will come out a more well rounded person by dreading in highschool. dreads are an asshole filter :) you dont need the people who are gonna bring you down. and if you cant run away to nature, just try sitting on the ground, making contact with the earth physically. meditate in your yard or something. also babas suggestion is nice too.

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