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Unique Neglect Dread Style for special occasions

11 months ago
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I made this up by accident!This is all I did to achieve this silly but cute hairstyle that would be epic for all kinds of fancy stuff:
I bent over and let my hair hang loose and shake it out like I normally do in the morning before I put in a ponytail- only this time when I gathered all my hair up I did it I grabbed it at the very top and front as if I was going to put it in the highest top knot possible - I was just messing around holding it there, looking at my dread babies, then I twisted it all up and laid it along the side of my face and then just clipped it in the back! Super easy and only takes a few seconds - a few of my dreads naturally fell out to give that more feminine look but if this doesn't happen you can always pull a couple out gently (: hope you all like it! it's always hard to find cute easy updos so I thought I'd show you guys this made up one lol
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 months ago
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cute i like it

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