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Post Your Congos!

Nolan Plank
5 years ago
66 posts

I want congos, but my hair isn't maturely dreaded yet, but its all good. I plan on not separating.

benjah said:

the only two non congos on my head;

this tiny little baby dread.

this one on the front my flatty dread.

then the rest all congos, taken just this very minute from the front and back

updated by @nolan-plank: 07/23/15 06:19:30PM
5 years ago
301 posts

i gotta take some pics. ive got one im just letting happen because they just wanted to be together lol. and i have one thats got 3 ends to it. an one on the back of my head that got the one right next to it, which is good because im pretty sure it was too thin to make it on its own.

5 years ago
844 posts

This is pretty funny, I've got to update my OP

3 years later That lock doesn't even resemble that picture, and I think I'm down from 50 to maybe like 41 maybe 42 locks,

including a pretty large one of the left of my head,

I notice I rarely have to separate them, aside from the ones in the back every few months.

5 years ago
174 posts

ill post mine after work! peace to you all

5 years ago
174 posts

Sorry the picture is so big. Randomly found this guy the other day, Gotta love natural dreads, lmao. :)) <3

updated by @corielaine: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
5 years ago
69 posts

Hey Benjah, did you force your congos? If so, how?

Heres my only congo:

Over the course of about a year its been splitting more and more, but its still locked in for now.

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