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dreadlocks polls dread wax vs natural results

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,334 posts

after a year of polling the results are in the polls were removed because i accidently deleted 1 but heres the results

dread wax polls

1st poll overall satisfaction with wax

note out of 765 votes almoszt every satisfied vote was recorded in the 1 week peruiod jioonny clean from dreadheadhq was on our site debating the wax issues (and failing) it seems he recruited followers to take the poll but lets assume these numbers still represent a cross secr=tion of society and take it as raw data)


slightly more people had to start over then were ever satisfied with wax the number satisfied after 4 years when they become gross dropped by 1/2

nearly 1/2 knew to never use wax and the vast majority thart used wax never would again

question 2

how long did your wax/ no wax dreads last

note this poll was added recently so the number of votes was very low and cannot be said to accurately repressent a opercebntage however it still shows what would be expected from results


most waxy dreass were started over very early when they felt gross

as time went on fewer and fewer survived while more and more wax free dreads survived

nearing the 15-20 year mark none survived

gaving no wax in dreads does increase the life expectency

natural dreads polls

question 1 how long did it take your hair to recognized as dreaded

poll notes the wax pushers insist that natural dreads always take 4 or more years rto even beginto dread and look ugly and scary during this time

conclusion although a rare few have taken over a year more had dreads in just weeks and the vast majority only a couple months

questions 2 and 3

how long did it take to mature

have you used other methods would you again

question 2 poll notes maturity is viewed diferently by diferent people but no matter the method its generally agreed to be between 1 and 2 years

conclusion theres virtualy no difference in time till maturity in almost all cases

question 3 notes

the 5 never went naturakl nefver would responces can be assumed they had bad info and no idea what they were missing or why its overwghelmingly preffered


drasticly greatter satisfaction and loyalty

way more who used other methods before would only usenatural in the future then those who went natural and would concider other methods

full poll conclusions

the wax pushing sites lied to you claiming everyone preffers waxed andnaturalk dreads are undesirable

final notes these polls were open to all not only members but guests as well and only 1 vote per user was allowed

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Dreadlocks Site
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updated by @soaring-eagle: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
baby britt
6 years ago
112 posts

i wonder if some of the dissatisfaction among wax users has to do with their thinking that dreads have to be perfect & manufactured-looking, whereas natural dreadies celebrate the "imperfections" in the dreads that make them unique... just a thought. interesting post =)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,334 posts

well its a double edged sword i guess the wax pushers pronmice perfect dreads but they never are perfect and require rediculouse ammounts of work to even look ..dreadlike

but on the other hand theres the sticky icky grossness stiffness and just the way they feekl..unreal unatural coated

its like the difference in fruite..apples as an example

an organic apple tastes so much better tho might not have the perfect pretty factor that a wax coated apple wiyld have

then to the other extreme is wax apples just for decoration inedible..fake

from the organic side thats as healthy for you as an apple can be fresh no preservatives no toxins like insectacides and herbacides..just an apple as an apple should be

then theres the waxed apple still apple inside most likel loaded with chemicals and covered in wax looks prertty but the wax has to be removed b4 eating to not taste waxy

then the extreme the wax apple no apple just wax but eternal perfection thats the image of the apple your sold the ideal yiou think all apples should look like so as you shop your drawn to the waxy apples thinking thats what apples should look like (if you never picked 1 off a rteee in natur that is)

ofcourse its not the healthy best option in fact more toxic but its pretty and resembles the "perfect" image that is the fakme apple..or dreadlock

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Dreadlocks Site
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Freedoms wings international
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