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how to make dreadlocks

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,322 posts

dreadlocks we all love em but how do we make dreadlocks?

well dreadheadiq (yes iq not hq we do things the smart way) is here to help you we have applied the latest scientific advancements and combined with traditional methods to help you create dreadlocks quickly easily and with no hassle damage or outragios expences


dread comb:

the dread comb is a flea comb nothing more if you dont have fleas then the dread comb has 1 purpose only it gives you something to throw in the trash to cerimonaly begin your dreadlocks journey

dreads are formed by not combing, not by combing..

so take this nice shiny comb you just bought and throw it away.

note: they say to usde a metal toothed vcomb cause you will break diozens of plastic combes imagine whart that does tio your hair! if your breaking combs yoir being very agressive and chewing up your hair

a jar of love:

dreadlocks only need 1 thing to bind them together and that is love dread wax is a poor substitute for move cause love never builds up or prevents movement in fact love allows the dynamic transformation frum lonliess and seperation to tightly bound togetherness

love guides and holds together forming relationships that last a lifetime

love is the only product you should use in dreads the only product thats not harmful but be sure to akso wear a tan to sheuild from hate when needed.


hands are wonderful for maintaining dreads they help you seperate them clean them and take good care of them and if your in a hurrty hands are all you need to give them a quick start

hands let u style ans=d change your look with decorations and updos and fun ways to tie them up


time time is the 1 magical ingredient in making dreadlocks

its the only ingredient you truly need you can dread without love without a comb to throw away and even withouit haands but time is a must and theres no substitutions

many find it hardto wait they think it takes too much time

funny thing is those are the ones who pay the most attention to the time it does take

days seem too long..weeks too long to wait

so again time, or the devices we measure time by are good things to throw in the trash

stop counting the days stop waiting to ereach a goal and just enjoy the momment cause your on your way

the momment you throw away the comb choose to love and stop waiting for things to happen your already 1/2 way there

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Dreadlocks Site
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Karrington <3
7 years ago
98 posts

Very inspirational.. The day I decided to dread my hair was the day that i threw away all my hair care mixes, sprays, gels, mouse, hair pomade.. The list goes on.. you name it, I had it under my sink. The only brush and comb that are still lingering in the house are the ones my mother uses (she doesn't have dreads) and my dad doesn't need them because he is bald. lol, Dreading the right way is one of my many accomplishments and I am happy I chose the route with little to no maintenance.. Its too much of a hassle and I don't really care to be bothered with it. Besides that, I have heard and seen nothing but horror stories from those that have used wax or crocheted (first hand from family members) Just take the easy way and invest some time, love, and patience and your dreadies will be so rewarding. I just know it. :))))

7 years ago
76 posts

I enjoyed reading this! So funny and so true and so glad I never went through with using "products" that I ordered, sent them back the day I got em... because I had found this site and was saved from wasting time, money and my health :-)

Castaway J
7 years ago
588 posts

when i first started i was not looking forward to not making my hair conform because its crazy and if it didnt lay low to my head i didnt like it...funny fact is though that once i stopped patting it down or making it conform, it looked so much better that way! now im so pleased with how my hair looks every morning, its just awesome and people like it as well. going natural and not combing or using wax allows for a more personal relationship between you and your dreadies if that can make any sense to anyone who has done otherwise...

"love your dreads and they will love you back" is something that can be found on this site over and over, and it is probably the single most valuable piece of advice i have found on this web site.

if you dont have, or have been thinking of making dreadlocks, natural is the way to go. this is of course my personal opinion. as many people call it, a "JOURNEY" if you go with any other method you are missing out on so much of your journey! letting your hair naturally section itself over the first month is so interesting each day when you wake up to. once those sections start locking up and becoming more defined as TIME GOES BY you develop a very personal connection to them, and really i cant think of any other experience in my life to compare it to.

so dont sell yourself short by taking shortcuts or buying products to make dreadlocks...

Rachel NattyDee
7 years ago
74 posts
superb : )
Jenna Covington
7 years ago
11 posts

love and time.

awesome :)

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