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has anyone had really good luck with the backcombing methodd

9 years ago
849 posts
yep all hair will dread naturally & beautifully. But if you decide not to go natural for whatever reason repeatedly backcombing or T & Ring will only undo any progress you may have!
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Christian Peter DeMaria
9 years ago
17 posts
thanku evryone
Hannah Clarke
9 years ago
29 posts
I started mine in Aug 2009 with backcombing and yeah some fell out, and one still hasn't knotted the bottom half down but it's no bother it's getting there! But they all knotted up again after looking a little like a hobo for a few months, I love them now :D And wouldn't change any!! But I have no other experience on any other methods, but good luck with which ever you choose! :)
Gabe McCoy
9 years ago
120 posts
I had luck with backcombing :)
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