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How to combine dreads?

8 years ago
141 posts
I wouldn't use rubber bands, they can melt and break the dread. Some people have had good luck and only lost the rubber bands, but many if you search online have had major dread losses. Thread is better. GL!

hippie mama said:
well if u cant stop seperating the ones you want to connect i would do the hemp thing that worked really well for me. i did all my dreads in hemp back when they were babies. beads also help but beads only cover a small area so it depends on what kind of effect your going for. good luck. oh with rubberbands though i put a few in mine when i started like 4 yrs ago and last year i found a rubberband stuck inside of one of my dreads and i had to try to dig it out cuz it was getting eaten by my dread so if u use rubberbands just keep track of em. lol i mean it didnt hurt anything and im sure i could have just left it but i persoanlly didnt like the look of it so i pulled it out.

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Jack Roth
8 years ago
298 posts
my mate put rubber bands in his hair he platted all of his dreads he went from 60 somethin to 20 something lol but some of the bands are part of his dreads now, looks pretty cool
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