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what "method" did I start off witg

Muruga Das
5 years ago
6 posts
In July I decided to grow dreads when I learned my future career as a drug and alcohol counselor allowed it. Initially it started off with me being lazy and not combing just putting my hair in a pony tail. When I decided to grow dreads I used a "back combing" like method using my fingers to form premature knots. Twisting etc. I quite after a month when I noticed my back hair was actually more knoted than my front hairs which I "back combed" Of course I twisted but not really anymore. I do have ADD so it was more of a habit. In the begining I also formed literal knots(mostly do to my add) in the center. Well now I am natural except for the red dye I used 2 weeks ago.Reading on hear I am sure many won't recommend what I did and in hindsight would probably just stick to natural.I have no regrets my Knott's are from mature but they are definitely Knotts. I really like the out come of the process and enjoy watching the process. Some times I made huge progress in just a week. People even compliment my locks. I was using regular shampoo but since bought dread shampoo(don't remember the name but it's where I found this link) still waiting for it in the mail.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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was it id say you did finger teasing although you overdid it

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Muruga Das
5 years ago
6 posts
Yeah, it was that stuff. I more than likely over did it, right now I am leaving it alone. I do like how it is now. Some are short others fat, some round some more flat. My hair is just doing it's thing. I think in the beginning I was just in a hurry which I am sure is common. After reading this forum I am not at all concerned with loose hairs and what not. I could tell I was over doing it.
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