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Chelsea Denner
12 years ago
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i started mydreadlocks about a year and a half when i first started my dreadlocks i fell for the stupid dread kits and wish i had not! i havent done anything to it except wash a couple times a week since the firsttwo weeks,it was very much bad timing finding this site right after doing everything bad to my hair, but maybe it was good because i stop all that junk andstarted washing with bs and acv. at firsti washed them good trying to get wax outbut i know i did not get it all out but at the time i did not care that much thinking that maybe it will just grow out.(i know stupid move on me!)now i regret it, i did not use much wax just a little bit on each one for the first couple of days, more on the back then anywhere i am seeing black stuff showing through parts of some of my dreads, i am guessing its wax and other build up from wax, it seems to be only at the ends like its maybe pushing itself out or my hair is...does that make sence?

what i am getting to though is that i want as much out as possible, and that is why i am buying the wax b-gone from i have been using their shampoo for at least 4 or 5 months now and i love it! i was just wondering how i should usethis wax b-gone,idid washed my hair with some cheap dish soap, i have yet to buy dawn but probably will, but how should i apply the wax b-gone to my hair and how often?

thanks for the help!


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
29,636 posts

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the wax b gione apply a liberAkl ammount squeeze and massage it into the dreads core i think you leave it in 10 minutes then wash out with very hot water and the dxread shampoo or dawn

u can repeat every few days till your sure its all gone and id do a few extra treatment beyond that to be sure

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Chelsea Denner
12 years ago
9 posts

ok thanks so much! i cant wait to have wax free dreads!

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