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How can you fight back

Baba Fats
11 years ago
2,702 posts

I saw a post today that made me think. I don't want any of us to resort to name calling or possibly get in trouble for slander or libel. But there are plenty of use who have fallen victim to the lies that KnottyBoy and DreadheadHQ spread.

Some of you are either just starting your recovery process. Others are further along.

And I'm sure, like most everyone, you've got pictures of how your locks looked like in the very beginning.

I'd like to call on anyone interested to make a video of their progress at cleaning out wax and recovering from other kit products.

If you are just starting, do things like show how waxy and greasy your pillow cases and sheets are. Show how much lint and dirt gets stuck to your hair. If you're willing to, show how easy it is to just pull apart your locks that have been coated in wax for "x" days/weeks/months.

If you're further along, feel free to show pics comparing how they looked with wax and gunk vs. how they look healthy.

I'd love to spearhead this, but I only used 1 bottle of KB shampoo about 7 years ago. So I'm not the one to be first. And I'd like these to be real stories. Your stories. Not your friends, and not made up to make KB and DHHQ look bad.

This should be a true commentary on both/either companies relentless lying.

Please be kind, respectful, and don't judge the people who fall for the trap. You and I were one of them once. If anyone is rude to you in your comments, either ignore them, or only be kind and respectful back. We want people to view us as a gentle and welcoming place to be.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,636 posts

excelent post and idea thnx

and i hope everyone gets involved

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Tara C
11 years ago
644 posts

This is a brilliant idea :) my dreads looked a bit waxy in the beginning, but wax didn't even get on my pillow, so I don't think I'm the person for it. When I get a bit more confidence, I'd love to do a video about wax and about my experiences and etc. though, thanks for the idea, it's great and I hope people get involved.

11 years ago
359 posts

Gentle and welcoming. Thanks Baba. Excellent post.


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