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2 questions: Separation and Drying

5 years ago
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Hey guys, I apologize if I'm cluttering up the board too much, I just have a lot of questions these days and you all are so helpful:

So I have 2 questions:

1. My sections are 2 months old, and not much is going on except for a few spots. but one of the spots I have this knot of hair, It pulls hair into it from the scalp in a about a 3 inch section. The section is not circular/square though, it's more like a skinny rectangle going horizontal across my head. In the middle of the knot I can see a hole about the size of my pinky tip, it looks almost like two sections into one. All those factors considered should I separate it into 2 smaller ones? I wasn't sure if I let it grow out like that if it would be all big and flat from being a rectangle section. It's definitely the biggest/strongest/most progressed section I have. I'm almost afraid to separate it, but I will if it should be. (I tried to get a picture of it to show, but my hair is such a mess, it's hard to get one of the spot)

2. I know it's very important to get your hair as dry as possibly after washing. But I'm hair has always been curly wavy and if I let it air dry I get nicely shaped ringlets. If I use a dryer it gets frizzy and straight. It seems like if I let my hair air dry through the dreading process it could cause it to interlock/curl up on itself more, since that's what my hair does naturally. I almost feel like using a hair dryer is slowing the process down. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for your time.

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Baba Fats
5 years ago
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Having strange shaped sections is actually good for your locks. So don't worry about it's shape. If it's really long, i might be worth separating. But if it's not, don't bother. Separating locks into 2+, especially when they are more mature, can be damaging. Those 2 sections will eventually fuse into 1 lock.

As for drying, air drying is always best. In the winter, you can blow dry just to help them along,but you should never blow dry to completion.

5 years ago
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Adding to Baba Fats's post.

Drying: Using a towel to dry your hair as much as possible is another option for winter.

When dreadlocks get more mature you can wring out excess water before you step out of the shower.

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