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i feel dumb asking

Tanner Bonsie
9 years ago
20 posts
i feel pretty dumb asking this but here it goes lol. i know wax is shit. but my mom wants me to get my picture taken for a card or something. and i wanted to make my dreads neater. but she won;t bring me to get some aloe vera gel. and i was wondering if their was something else i could use. and if not how bad would wax be for one day? thank you.
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Matted Dew
9 years ago
213 posts
it isnt THAT badits all hype.everything is tolerable in moderationur not guna die, ur hair isnt guna fall out, ur not guna get mold, it isnt guna stink.i wouldnt recomned using it but if its a must that u gotta tidy up i would say jus put in bands at the roots about a week or 2 prior to when u need the pics taken (take um out right b4 the day)good luckNamaste
9 years ago
155 posts
I'm just going to say this wax is horrible, and dont use it. It will be stuck in you hair for more then one day. Not to mention wax can mold-mould and collect dirt and dust. Most wax contains petrolium which will make your dreads greasy I would think.I would use Aloe vera, and go and get it, or just tell your mom to keep deal it for a day or photoshop your picture.
Tanner Bonsie
9 years ago
20 posts
oh i wouldn't be buying a whole tub i have some from when i started my dreads. but okay thanks everyoneKnottysleeves said:
Like Matted Dew said, it won't make your hair fall out or anything. But it would be a huge waste to buy an entire tub of wax just for one use... and that one application WILL stay in your dreads. It's a risk.

Just mix up a saltwater spray (1 or 2 teaspoons salt to 2 or 3 cups of water) and palmroll it in the day of the photoshoot, that'll take care of the major frizzies.

If your roots are really messy, try this method:

It won't really help your roots lock up, but it wraps up all the loose hair really well.
9 years ago
40 posts
I would not use waxyou may have difficulty to get it outand it will stay for more than one day trust me...Knottysleeve's idea is probably a good option for youor you should buy aloe vera you will not regret itGood luck
9 years ago
77 posts
What about gel? Like hair gel, you guys don't think he would be able to use it and be able to wash it out and not leave any residues? Just a thought no sure if it would actually work or not.
Karma Jane
9 years ago
39 posts
I wouldn't neceessarily use aloe vera GEL, as it's kinda processed sometimes.. I would go to your local nursery and buy an aloe vera plant and gut out all the meat and juice inside the leaves, blend em, strain out the solid stuff with some cheesecloth or something, and then soak your hair in the leftover water.. THIS is the BEST way I have EVER found to suck up little frizzys.. but if all else fails, and you cant get aloe, and you (hopefully) decide against wax.. then jsut wear a tam!!! ~*~
8 years ago
58 posts
true it wont harm it it would just be hell too get rid off goodluck
Orange Clock
8 years ago
72 posts
Tell her to be happy that you even agree to appear in a pictureCBD Makarov said:
Doom and gloom we are all gonna die...
Spider Feet
8 years ago
458 posts
Regular hair gel would be better than the wax in my opinion, but others opinions may differ because it's not a natural product(neither is dhhq wax). The wax may take months (or even years) to come out from a one time use. I don't know because it seems the only people who care to test it is people who wouldn't put wax in their dreads to begin with. lolNo matter what you put on your dreads there is something that will get at least semi-permanently stuck inside of your dreads. Even with the aloe vera gel it will be cellulose and other plant material. I recommend against wax because it takes a long time for the oils in your hair to break down the chemical bonds.
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