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Help!!!How to get rid of lint?

6 years ago
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I just got back from NYC ( went to a salon to get twists and style) and I realized how badly I have accrued some lint. I have heard that the tea method (spray locks with tea, I did a few strands with oolong tea and I don't know if I have the patience. My aunt recommended a brush and some olive oil (her dreads are down to her waist) and she wears a stocking like almost all the time. I took some pictures but they are not the best quality and I am bad with angles. But it is really bad like nothing but white dots. Back in the city I wore a bonnet to sleep. I don't use wax and usually go to natural salons if I have to go. Im thinking of going to a salon and getting them dyed. Anyone know any tips?f I have to go. Im thinking of going to a salon and getting them dyed. Anyone know any tips?

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6 years ago
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stop going to salons stop getting them twisted! twisting is very bad for dreads and salons will screw u

i have a ton of lint cause mine drag on the ground but every so often i use the bars and scrub the whi]ol,e length and it removes most

ive heard ppl say u can use a toothbrush to get it out

ive used tea to dye it black (use plain black tea)

or even cofeee

lints not easy i usualy dont worry about it unless its real bad

u can pick at it with tweezers too\

but i cant sresss the no salons thing enough every single thing hey do is very bad for dreads

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