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Ends of my dreads balling up : ) but then falling off!

Rachel NattyDee
9 years ago
53 posts
so I'm about 2 and a half months in (patience/neglect method), and some of my ends have looped and are locking nicely, no worries with those, however balls of fuzzy hair keep dropping off the ends of others...They start to form balls that are only attached to the dread by a couple of thin strands, but after a couple of days they fall off : ( I thought they were going to form nice round ends but no. Maybe I'm touching my locs too much & that's why the balls are falling off instead of becoming part of the lock?And generally I seem to be finding a lot of my hair around the place - not coming out during washing but stuck to my jumper etc...
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Baba Fats
9 years ago
2,702 posts

Hair does shed naturally. In time it'll stop getting stuck to other tings and just start getting sucked into your locks fattening them up. I had a similar problem.

As for the balls falling out. I noticed that a few times with mine. I know you are going the neglect route, but do you even find yourself playing with the tips? You know, just rubbing them between your fingers like a nervous twitch? I used to do that. It acts just like palm rolling, and can rip hairs apart and create those weak spots where they can break off. Keep an eye out for doing that.

It can happen naturally,but in my experience, it probably is from playing with them too much.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
29,515 posts

babas probly right but yea some is just shed hairs that are knotted in..barely..near the tips

like they fell out but got tangled on way down and hung there knotting uo till they just came loose..

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Rachel NattyDee
9 years ago
53 posts

Hmmmm I am slightly addicted to touching them and running my fingers down the length of each dread to feel the knots, I was thinking that probably isn't helping, but it's hard when they feel so good! I'll give it a rest and see if I'm still shedding balls for the next few weeks, cheers x

Lucas Tucas
9 years ago
18 posts

I have exactly the same problem, or is not a problem, that you.

And yeah its very hard not touching the hair and specially the balls of hair that forms, but well i think that me too don't have to touch them

Kid Ayn Gibran
9 years ago
25 posts

Ha. My hair used to do that. There is one that has stood the test of time and isn't going anywhere (I'll put a picture up someday). Mine didn't "fall off" usually, i washed my hair or somebody would snatch them off, which would piss me off. It happens though. Totally natural.

9 years ago
10 posts

Yea this has happened to me quite abit too. Mine ball up on the end and look like little dingle berries lol, it's kinda annoying but I try to just let them be. I've pulled one out cause it was a big ball hanging from like two strands of hair. I think it's happening like SE said, you shed hair and as it's falling out it gets caught up in the end.

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