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Part or no part?

11 years ago
27 posts

Only the bottom layers of my hair are dreaded right now and I'm considering doing the top layers too. In all previous sets, I've either had a center part or a side part, and I'm just curious how your hair is parted or if it isn't.

I knew a girl who didn't part her dreads and had one right in the middle front of her forehead that always looked a little funny to me, but it looked way better pulled back then when mine were parted.

So is your hair parted or not and if you could do something different, what would you do?

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11 years ago
57 posts

My hair has never really had a part, it always grew like straight back from my forehead, and I'd always push it straight back rather than tuck it behind my ear or anything, so when I dreaded I never thought about a part... I also left a lot of my shorter layers at the front undreaded (my hair was in a long layered cut pre-dreads), so I still kinda just push it back over top of the dreads... I really like the look myself, it's neat how it all blends together, except it's hard to tell I even have dreads from the front! I just look like a fluffy blonde lion lol:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,515 posts

dreads will lose any part quickly anyways so why put 1 in if it will just disapear by the time theyre a few months old

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
sourabh thakur
11 years ago
83 posts

before i started dreading i always had a side parting...when i started dreading i went natural so i just let my hair do what it wanted to do and it has parted itself kind of in centre though its not perfect parting they just fall on both side of my head from center if u know what i mean lol

and i wouldnt do anything different as i just want my hair to do what it wants to do

11 years ago
88 posts

I just let my hair do what it wants to do.

Shanxon Lemasters
11 years ago
411 posts

I have a part but who knows if it will stay, it's parted in the middle essentually but I'm letting it do it's own thing

11 years ago
16 posts

I've got the legendary Butt Part down the middle. When I wash, I tend to pull one from the other side, like my version of a combover...hoping that it will dry that way and stay that way...and also kind of an effort to "train" them and maybe they'll continue growing that way.

At least they're full on top, so my Butt Part's got a little height to it.

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